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Core Features
  • Uploaded, Formatted & Ready To Be Published
  • Relevant Internal, External & Affiliate Links Added
  • Content Focused On Searcher’s Intent
  • Analysis Of Ranking Competition
  • Optimized For Featured Snippet & CTR
  • Naturally Placed Keywords
  • Optimized For LSI & Related Keywords
  • Optimized Heading And Subheadings
  • 3-Step QC Checked
  • Unlimited Revisions
On-Page SEO Ready
  • Optimized SEO Title And Meta Description
  • Optimized For Featured Snippet
  • Added Internal, External & Affiliate Links
Comes Ready to Publish
  • Uploaded And Formatted In WordPress
  • Added Images And/Or Graphics
Optional Free Add-ons
  • Relevant Amazon Products Recommended
  • Youtube Videos Embedded Where Relevant
  • Dedicated Content Manager
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